We are proud to have many different cultures under one roof. Our members come from all walks of life and have very different backgrounds and personalities. 

To facilitate such a diverse community, we have a few rules of conduct in our community, in which we kick the ball, not the player.

Here are our Rules of Conduct:

  1. No bullying and harassment
  2. No coercive control and gaslighting
  3. No threats and intimidation
  4. No racism and discrimination
  5. No sexism, homophobia and transphobia
  6. No preaching and religious acquisition
  7. No marketing and sales
  8. No fake news and pseudoscience
  9. No public retaliation against group members/admins
  10. No sharing of private information
  11. No nicknames or company names as profile names

If you believe that something doesn't belong on this platform because it is against our rules, please report it or message support@ihiqs.org.